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Prison Break, Sumner Style!

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Prison Break, Sumner Style! Empty Prison Break, Sumner Style!

Post  BUGG on Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:52 am

You know that show Prison Break? It’s based on recent Sumner County events.Okay, not really. But there was a sort of prison break in Sumner County recently.After a Sumner County court proceeding, 21-year-old Robert Tice was being transported in a van back to Davidson County… when he escaped! He somehow got free of his shackles (I know they’re handcuffs… but the word ’shackles’ helps set the mood of the story a bit better, I think) and jumped from the van!!He landed, rolled, stood, and took off running. And he hasn’t been seen since. Man, that’s just like The Fugitive! Any day now Tommy Lee Jones is going to come rolling into Hendersonville, set up camp at Drake’s Creek Park, and bark out orders like “I want every outhouse, steak house, lake house, and boat house in a 20 mile radius checked!”Here’s an excerpt of what is probably the best part of the story (and maybe the best physical description ever):<blockquote>“He has several identifying tattoos, including “W.S.N.” on his chest, a panther on his right shoulder, a dragon on his back, a grim reaper on his left shoulder, “Mom” & “Julie” with a rose on his right arm and a skeleton face on his left arm.”</blockquote>I searched the article for a mention of his crime–you know, the thing that he was in court for in the first place–but now it’s obvious that he had been arrested and charged with Unnecessarily Cluttered Body Art. I mean, seriously, a panther, a dragon, a skeleton, a grim reaper, a rose, a mom tribute, and an anagram. Nice! So… your interests are scary things… and your mom. I would love to know what the order of these tattoos is… which came first and such. Might tell an interesting story.Oh, by the way, he’s not been caught yet. He will be, mind you… it’s only a matter of time. Because tattoos, especially tattoos gone overboard, are a mixed blessing: Sure, you get to express yourself through body art… but you also make it about as easy as possible for people to identify you.

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