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Post  CertifiedWhiteBitch on Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:02 pm

lol! That is the feeling I have about my experience at Headliner's the other night. Took me a min to look around and figure the venue was not Jelly but PUSSY! Are you girls really that ghetto?
These idiots are paying to get pussy and you make it so easy! They pay to get on the stage why are they not paying to get on your pants? Show me your BOOBS..damn I heard that all nite and my response was show me your little dick! That did not even discourage the lowest of the show, yeah i said show. When you wake up and the looser can't get his peice of shit car started and is late to his job at the Census Bureau, I suggest your first trip to the clinic and then home to shower. I hope you don't have to walk, nah, fuck that I hope you do have to walk and remember it the next time u set yourself up for the next one.

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